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Dolphin Academy - Curaçao Sea Aquarium Park
Dolphin Academy

Enjoy a unique experience with their dolphins and let their intimate and informative programs reveal the mammal behind the myth in a fun, informational, responsible and educational way. Experience real interaction with the coastal bottlenose dolphins in both spacious enclosures and the open sea.

It is the Curacao Dolphin Academy’s mission to present the truth about dolphins despite their popular and sometimes mythological image. Curacao Dolphin Academy does this by providing an educational venue with their programs. Through this venue visitors may observe and interact with trained bottlenose dolphins in spacious enclosures and the open sea.

By offering information and interaction, the Curacao Dolphin Academy hopes to encourage a sense of wonder and fascination based on fact, not fiction.

The Curacao Dolphin Academy hopes to motivate its guests to a personal contribution for a better living environment for dolphins and therefore gives them the message: 'If mankind continues to shroud dolphins in myth and mysticism...we risk losing them. Only by seeking the true nature of our fellow creatures, can we hope to protect them.’

Bapor Kibra z/n
Curacao Sea Aquarium
(5999) 465-8900
Pierre Arsenault

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