Landhuis Groot Santa Martha
Landhuis Groot Santa Martha

On the outskirts of the village of Soto lying somewhat hidden in the countryside is Landhuis Groot Santa Martha in Dutch, or in Papiamentu, Landhuis Santa Martha Grandi. Landhuis Groot Santa Martha is one of the oldest country houses in Curacao. Ever since 1696 Groot Santa Martha has been considered a plantation. In the early years the Groot Santa Martha Plantation was already famous for its cattle, sugar mill, indigo, distillery and fresh-water wells.

The earliest societies consisted of Indians, followed by the Spanish-Indian society. Subsequently the Dutch colonization followed and with them, enslaved Africans settled at Groot Santa Martha, whereupon small independent farmers inhabited the grounds after slavery was abolished.

The country house was built, three centuries ago, around 1675. Landhuis Groot Santa Martha is a one-of-a-kind country house and has a U-shaped enclosed patio.

Today, Fundashon Tayer Soshal Santa Martha is a sheltered workshop that houses the landhouse where the intellectually challenged and/or physically disabled are not only able to work, but also receive training, individual support and professional schooling in safe surroundings and a respectful environment.

Their goal is integration in the community and, where possible, a smooth progression into the regular market place.

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