Oswaldo's Drop Off Dive Site (The Car Pile)

Oswaldo's Drop Off is named after the local diver who first frequented the dive site many years ago. An easy and pretty site, this is the house reef for Sunscape Curacao Resort, Spa and Casino, and shore diving accessibility is for guests only.

If you’re not a hotel guest, shore dive from the other end of the reef, accessible from the local beach. The local beach, Pierbaai, is equally as beautiful but is less dived.

No mooring ball means this is not a regular boat diving site. The Car Pile sits in the middle of these 2 dive sites, and is possibly the most unusual traffic jam you are ever likely to see.

Cars and trucks dating back to the 1940s are piled on the wall, and are hugely popular with larger pelagic fish and home to a large variety of sponges.

The Car Pile starts at approximately 45 feet, a barge rests at 100 feet and the cars and trucks continue considerably deeper.