Marshe Bieu (The Old Market)

Marshe Bieu (The Old Market)

A few blocks east of the Floating Market, you will find an interesting area to explore which is The Old Market, located at the Plaza Bieu, in the heart of Willemstad, that looks like a very large pitched roof shed. The cavernous inside is filled with picnic tables, covered in plastic tablecloths.

Along the side of the shed is the cooking area, topped with heating vents, and above are murals displaying scenes of the island’s rural life. Try homestyle food at a good value, served at counters and bask in the communal-style of eating at your picnic table.

For three quarters of a century, office workers have gathered at the counters and community tables with laborers, fishermen and tourist, while local cooks prepare enormous quantities of time tested family recipes derived from Dutch, Spanish, Indonesian and Caribbean cultures.

Cast-iron skillets and ancient coal pots sizzle, simmer and steam with savory stewed goat, fried plantains, rice and beans and the island staple funchi. There’s nothing tastier than a delicious homemade dish made with fresh fish, beef or chicken.

At Marshe Bieu, the conversation is lively, the ingredients fresh, the open kitchens clean and the locals friendly. Along with a bountiful and inexpensive feast of authentic island cuisine, help yourself to a generous portion of old-world Curacaoan hospitality.

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Chris Richards