National Nature Reserve of St. Martin

Located on the east coast of the island, the offshore area of the Nature Reserve is delineated by a triangle that starts from Anse Marcel, passes east of Tintamarre and ends at the entrance to the Oyster Pond lagoon.

A true haven for fauna and flora, the Reserve covers over 3000 hectares of sea and some 150 hectares of land that includes the islands off the east coast: Pinel Island, Petite Clef, Green Cay, Tintamarre and the small islands off the Baie de l'Embouchure.

The famous Creole Rock, which overlooks Baie de Grand Case, is also part of the Reserve, as are the reefs within a 200-metre radius.

The marshlands of Etang aux Poissons and the Salines d’Orient at Orient Bay are also part of this protected area. The mangrove swamps are a veritable nursery for most marine species.

The area of the Nature Reserve is protected by a ministerial decree. Fishing and hunting are forbidden and visitors are asked to respect the natural balance of nature.

Residence des Acacias
Anse Marcel
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