Did You Know...


- By law, wild donkeys, goats, and iguanas have the right of way on Aruba’s roads.

- Around 80 different nationalities make up Aruba’s diverse population of about 120,000.

- Mount Hooiberg, also known as “the haystack”, has 561 steps and is the island’s best known hill; it’s highest peak is actually Mount Jamanota.

- Aruba’s answer to fast food comes in the form of the pastechi, a deep-fried dough pocket stuffed with seafood, meat, or cheese.

- Aruba must be addictive, how else to explain that it has more repeat visitors than anywhere else in the Caribbean? A whopping 65% of annual visitors have been here before! 

- Aruba is one of the few spots in the world where you can try the strange sport of land sailing called blokarting.

Baby Bridge

- The walls of Fort Zoutman once actually overlooked the sea until landfill and reclaimed land made room for Oranjestad’s growing population.

- Aruba’s yerb’i hole is a locally grown, pungent type of basil that you’ll taste in many local soups, stews, and fish dishes.

- Though Aruba’s famous large land bridge has fallen back into the sea, there are seven smaller land bridges secreted around the island.

- When locals order a “balashi cocktail” they are not ordering a mixed drink, but a cool glass of the island’s famous pure H20 made from desalinized seawater.

- Locally brewed Balashi Beer is the only beer in the world made from desalinized seawater and you can visit the plant for daily tours.

- The Spaniards left Aruba because they found no gold, but the island did have an actual gold rush years later.