Let The Good Times Roll!

So what’s a night out with the dinner tour of Kukoo Kunuku party bus tours like? Three words: Wild. Crazy. Fun!
There are five Kukoo Kunuku buses in all, each with its own animator and fun driver. We lucked out this tour and got the mother of all party bus animators - their chief mischief-maker who’s been with them for almost 20 years. Her name is Gerla but she prefers everyone call her "Mama".

Mama sets the tone at the first stop - a champagne toast at their special beach spot at sunset. With the authority of a drill sergeant and the spirit of a teenager, she commands the group to have fun... or else! And when Mama says dance or drink  or shake your maracas, you'd better, because you don’t want to mess with this Aruban born grandmother of six! She’s a true force of nature. Our driver Carlos - nicknamed Papi - was also great. We especially enjoyed when he yelled “OH OH!” because that meant he was about to go careening wildly a few times around the concrete roundabouts on the road while we yelled out the windows. It felt more like an amusement ride than a bus journey!

The dinner tour stops at Casabari Cafe. It's a crazy cool barbecue joint out in the middle of nowhere beside the famous Casabari rock formations. It’s built into its own natural rock sculptures and decked out with all kinds of bizarre décor. Don't be surprised to run into The Blues Brothers, an old English telephone booth, a biplane propeller, and more offbeat items. And the eerie neon lighting makes the entire scene somewhat other worldly.

We really enjoyed the food and service there, but were disappointed there was no live band that night as there is on others. However, my BBQ ribs were melt-in-your mouth tender and spiced to perfection, and as it turned out, we needed some quiet time before the upcoming onslaught of crazy! So once we hit the road with music blasting and maracas shaking we were ready for it. And be prepared to party on the bus as heartily as you do in the bars!

Their itinerary is flexible; it depends on the night and number of people on the tour where they decide to stop. But you always hit at least three bars during the dinner tour, and four with their pub-crawl. And sometimes the party tours collide at the same bar at the same time, which makes for an even wilder and crazier free-for-all! Beyond dancing and drinking, there’s usually a little extra entertainment to add to the fun like carnival props to wear, salsa lessons, limbo competitions, and the like. And the Kukoo folks bring their own music into each establishment to ensure that every song makes it virtually impossible to remain in your seat! Of course it’s also the special drinks like “Sex on the Bus” that get the crowd seriously amped up to the max by the end of the night. You receive one free drink every bar plus reduced prices on subsequent ones. 

Thankfully, pick-up and drop-off at your hotel is included because by the time you finally roll home around midnight, you’re bound to be a little tipsy and dead beat. Your legs will be aching from too much dancing, your cheeks aching from too much laughing, your throat raw from too much screaming, and your ears ringing from all that blasting loud music. But you’ll also be thoroughly stress free! And isn’t that exactly the way you want to feel when you are on vacation? I highly recommend it.

Kukoo Kunuku also operates non-party day tours and island explorations for animal lovers and beach buffs.
Visit: www.kukookunuku.com.

(Note: Minimum age is 18 for party tours.)