One Million Great Reasons to Submerge with Atlantis

Maybe someone special has already said you were, “One in a million,” but if the Atlantis Submarine staff tells you that when you submerge for their underwater tour this year, you’ll feel very special indeed! That’s because 2015 marks the submarine expedition’s 25th anniversary on this island. And to celebrate the landmark silver anniversary, they’re giving their one-millionth customer a free trip back to Aruba!  And by their count that could happen at anytime this year.

Imagine finding out you’ll be returning with an all-expenses paid   holiday back to Aruba - airfare, first-rate hotel, delicious dining and exciting activities for two - all included! That would really be a reason for you to celebrate as well, wouldn’t it?

But even if you don’t win, there are still a multitude of reasons to experience the unique Atlantis undersea adventure while you are here.

This tour has won many awards and accolades over the years, and for good reason. This adventure rocks! It’s such an incredible way to view the magical, colorful undersea world. And beyond all the splendor of lively marine life and resplendent reefs below the waves, you also get the rare opportunity to get up close to not only one, but two sunken shipwrecks without even getting wet! Surreal!

The submarine is a US Coast Guard certified craft-one of the Atlantis global family, the largest passenger submarine fleet in the world. And on Aruba, they are run by De Palm Tours. The journey begins when you hop aboard the shuttle vessel “SubSeeker” at the Oranjestad marina for a short journey to the submarine waiting just off shore. After a safety briefing, you begin your expedition under the sea with a skilled and entertaining crew that enlighten you on what you are seeing, all along the way. You are sure to learn a lot about Aruba’s marine life in the hour-long tour. And beyond alluring reef fish and colorful coral, you never know who or what might swim by! Divers, sea turtles, stingrays, even the occasional dolphins have been spotted from their underwater observatory.

The submarine dives down to depths of 130 feet and travels smoothly and quietly below; in fact Atlantis was Aruba’s first tour to ever receive a Green Globe award for its eco-conscious operations. The sub can accommodate up to 48 passengers, and the cabins are spacious and air conditioned.

To get a feel for what it’s like on this amazing expedition, see this short video.

So don’t miss out on an incredible journey under the sea while on Aruba. And who knows? It is bound to make you want to explore it further with a snorkel tour or maybe even an intro-to-dive course.  And maybe you really will be the one in a million and get to return to do it all again… for free! Good luck!

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