Philanthropic Shopping

It’s no secret that a few intense sessions of retail therapy can really buoy the spirit and cure what ails you. But shopping on Aruba can also benefit others as well. Especially when you shop at the The Salamander Group of stores.

This eclectic collection of quality boutiques includes Caribbean Queen, The Lazy Lizard, The Coconut Trading Co., Caribbean Clothing Co. & T.H. Palm & Company. They are all part of a unique corporate responsibility program called “Tikkun Olam” which loosely translates to, “repair the world” in Hebrew. This is the pet project of Salamander Group owner and CEO Jodi Tobman - an expat American who has been living on Aruba for over two decades. She says, “The community has been so welcoming to me and it truly has become my home, I wanted to show my gratitude to the island I love. I felt the best way to do that would be to offer up a percentage of sales to local foundations, supporting some of the social needs in our community. Think global - act local, good stewardship no matter where we call home. It also creates awareness for both our clients and our sales staff to know that every sale they make also helps others.”At point of purchase, clients choose from a Community Menu placed at the register earmarking their choice for that store brand to donate to on their behalf. From cancer support to autism, Alzheimer’s, education for children, social support for our elders, abused women, and the arts, each store has its own menu of the ones it supports."

Another way Jodi and The Salamander Group give back to the community is by supporting local artisans and crafters via their Caribbean Queen shop. Each month a different locally based female artisan is crowned Caribbean Queen of the month, and her wares or products are highlighted at the store.  On-site workshops with the artist in attendance allow customers a peek behind the creative curtain to see how the beautiful items come to be during that month-long reign.

And though you’re bound to feel good about knowing what you buy is also giving back, you’ll also really appreciate the types of purchases you can make at these stores. Jodi makes it her business to travel the globe to ensure that all of her shops are stocked with the most unique, creative and top quality wares available. The avant-garde souvenirs, gorgeous gifts, incredible apparel and tempting trinkets are definitely treasures well worth seeking out. And Tobman intends to add the popular Juggling Fish stores to the Tikkun Olam program this year as well. So shopping at the entire Salamander Group collection will offer guilt-free retail therapy at its best at every location soon.

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