Why do I love De Palm Island? Let me count the ways!

I often get asked why one would ever want to leave Aruba’s beautiful beaches to go to yet another island, but once you discover all the cool things to do at De Palm’s private little strip in the sea, you’ll understand why it’s such a popular day trip for all ages. And why I enjoy it so much!

There are activities available there that you won’t find anywhere else on Aruba. One of them is their brand new zip-line. Imagine the aerial thrill of soaring above their massive colorful water park and the sea. And it’s the only waterpark on Aruba as well. It has six water slides and all kinds of fun contraptions sure to please not only the young, but the young at heart, too. Then there's the new Air-Jumper. Again, this appeals not only to kids, but to your adult inner child as well! It's such a rush to get a chance to soar up to 22 ft. above on a bouncy string.

Of course, Aruba has great snorkeling, but it’s only at De Palm Island’s reef where you’ll encounter scads of giant neon blue parrotfish. I love these ever-smiling comical characters. They look like something right out of a Disney movie!

Snorkel equipment and guided tours are included, but if you want to go even deeper and faster, there is also Snuba ®* and Power Snorkel*. Snuba allows you to go down 20 ft. below without holding your breath because you’re attached to an air hose that's attached to a raft floating above you. And they also have the same equipment especially designed for little ones called Snuba Doo*. It’s a wonderful way to explore deep without any diving experience. And to power snorkel, you simply hang on to the light underwater propulsion vehicle and you’re off! It’s that easy.

There’s another unique activity at De Palm called SeaTrek®*, which I also really enjoy. You need not even know how to swim to be able to walk along the ocean floor! You simply breathe normally due to the air-supplied helmet and follow a guided trail along a 375-foot walkway 20 ft. below. You’ll see shipwrecks and feed colorful fish and get awesome take-home souvenir photos! It’s surreal. And De Palm Island is the only place to do it!

You can also race over the waves on a thrilling high-speed banana boat ride, take some free salsa classes, play beach volleyball, basketball or soccer… and on weekends, you can play human foosball! Crazy fun! Or for the ultimate relaxation, book a massage seaside at the Island Day Spa*. Heavenly! And you need never worry about keeping sated and refreshed. Your entrance includes a massive all-you-can-eat buffet and unlimited snacks and drinks at the grill and bar, and the staff is over-the-top friendly and fun. So, what’s not to love?

You can purchase full day or half-day passes, and they include round trip transportation from all major resorts. In fact, almost everything is included in your De Palm Island Day except for a towel. So don’t forget to bring one!

Take my word for it. Don’t leave Aruba without at least one day at De Palm Island. I guarantee, it’ll be a day you’ll never forget.
Open daily from 9-5. Visit www.depalmisland.com for more.

(*Additional costs apply.)