Casibari Rock Formations

Casibari Rock Formations

This formation is located in the center of the island. Take Highway 4a to Ayo via Route 6a, just north of Hooiberg, and follow the signs, as they will take you to these popular boulder formations.

Casibari is comprised of two sections, the biggest one is called Casibari and the second one is called Ayo. Both represent Aruba’s Stonehenge with its unique shape, created by the eternal tradewinds.

Geologists are uncertain about their origins, but they suspect that a collision of tectonic plates created these formations forcing the massive slabs to the surface. Aruba’s government in Casibari, constructed walking trails and steps that allow visitors to reach the top of the formation.

Getting to the top could be a challenge since there are narrow tunnels and with the combination of steep stairs, allows only one individual at a time to proceed. If there is a large group of visitors at the formation, reaching the top could take a long time, but the steps and rails in place will prove to be a blessing, making it much safer and easier to navigate.

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