Huliba Cave

The Huliba Cave (known as the "Baranca Sunu cave" also meaning "Naked Rock") is nicknamed the "Tunnel of Love" for its heart-shaped entrance. The entrance can be found through a steep and narrow stairway which dips into the cave.

It has five entrances. At places, one has to crouch to see the formations. Flashlights are needed to explore the 300 ft (91 m) long passageway as it is totally dark inside the cave.

The cave is studded with stalagmite and stalactite formations in limestone rocks. Two bat species reside in this cave: the southern long-nosed bat and the long-tongued fruit bat. It is interesting to watch when the bats, after sleeping in the caves during the daytime, fly out in hordes in search of food.

The exit from the tunnel is found through a series of steps that are carved on the rock face and are quite risky.

In one of the chambers, the Virgin Mary has been carved in the natural rock formation.

Legend tells stories about pirates inhabiting the cave to hide their treasures, though proof was never found to confirm this.

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