@7 Aruba

Tolerance, Diversity, Experience, and Unity are the words to describe the uniqueness - making for a very cool club. @7 brings back all the extremes of balance and welcomes you in to a unique free club expressing a clear message: The Beauty of Diversity. A brand new concept of international character is taking over. Brace yourself for a dazzling and deafening spectacle by world renowned artists, DJ’s, and get carried away by the light and sound magic show.

Powered by the Aruba Gay community and ready to conquer your world, @7 refers to a small but oh so beautiful Aruba. Like ying and yang, black and white, gay and straight men and women, @7 knows all the extremes. @7 is therefore determined to remain etched in your memory and you will get a clear peek of a club showing a diverse program.

Windstraat 32
(297) 582-2550