Aruba Bank N.V.

Aruba Bank’s role as a banker goes far beyond loans and deposits. The Bank is also strongly committed in supporting the local community’s efforts to diversify the island’s economy in the context of sustainability and smart growth. Established in 1926, Aruba Bank has grown into the island’s largest bank, offering a wide variety of products and services to support investors and entrepreneurs, promote economic growth, and improve quality of life.

It is not just the big players in the local economy who benefit. Acknowledging small- and medium-sized enterprises as major employers on Aruba, especially in the tourism sector, Aruba Bank goes out of its way to assist entrepreneurs and dynamic enterprises pursue all available opportunities to grow smart and responsible.

In this way Aruba Bank supports initiatives and incentives to attract overseas business and investment to Aruba. In a volatile global economy, the Bank recognizes the importance of financial education and sound investment strategies for the business community of the island. For example, Aruba Bank sponsors seminars and workshops for owners and key people of businesses in Aruba, whereby experts provide valuable information in areas such as real estate investment, finance, management, tax, and economic development. Parallel to the Bank’s financial activities, corporate social responsibility forms a fundamental part of its activities.

Management follows the principle that successful businesses thrive in healthy communities. In fact, a major portion of the Bank’s marketing budget is earmarked for community projects including youth mentoring and leadership training, social-awareness programs, and sponsoring of sports, arts, and cultural activities. With its political and financial stability, Dutch heritage and close proximity to the Americas, Aruba itself is often seen as an effective hub between the continents of Europe and the Americas. Aruba Bank’s social and business partnership with the island’s community will continue to support the local development that helps maintain this position.

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