Enjoy the Chill!

Computers, smart phones, tablets, and television have all helped to make our globe smaller. Everything that happens in this world is now brought so much closer to us. Unfortunately, all that available information often contains little uplifting news. To make things worse, most media offerings carry with them the baggage of stress. We’re exposed to an increasingly tangled world that’s closing in on us.

But like any warrior preparing for the daily battle, we devise plans to overcome the foe, succeed against all odds and even put smiles on our faces and giggles in our mouths. Plans such as getting away from it all and vacationing on Curacao.

We picture ourselves playing like dolphins in the aquamarine Caribbean Sea during the dead of winter, while back home everyone is enduring temperatures of minus 10 degrees or below. Lounging blissfully on a beach while choosing our favorite restaurant for the evening is our only stress here.

That picture alone is worth the extra $3,000 we paid to bring the family to Curacao. We call it the “Caribbean Bragging Rights!” And you know (and I know) that when you get home, it was worth every cent.

Many of you reading this have returned to Curacao repeatedly and know that a smaller world means a much better one. Because here, people remember you. This is the real Global Village where everyone looks out for you and wants to provide the best hospitality they can. Here, everyone knows that you’ve come to relax and take a break from the pressures of life back home.

Realistically, it may be impractical to leave all your electronic devices behind. But one thing’s for sure: the stress that accompanies them will mean a lot less during your stay on Curacao.

Douglass Markus