Alice in Wonderland Dive Site (Playa Kalki)

Explore one of Curacao’s best shore dive sites, and one of the nicest dive spots on Curacao, discover Playa Kalki also called Alice in Wonderland. The name Kalki refers to the limestone found in the surrounding cliffs. Like a modern day Alice in Wonderland, you will uncover a world filled with wonders and surprises.

The site is situated in Westpunt below Lodge Kura Hulanda & Beach Resort. There are no amenities on the beach, but divers are welcome to climb the steps leading up from the beach to visit the resort for lunch or drinks.

Considered to be one of the top 10 dive spots on the island, you may meet up with other divers either underwater or at the beach. Diving or snorkeling equipment is also available for rent.

Carry or wear gear down the long flight of steps at the edge of the parking lot. Sand and coral rubble cover the bottom at the entry. Enter directly in line with the buoy.

Visibility averages 30 meters (100 ft) and the distance to swim from shore is about three minutes to the wall, which drops to below 18 meters (60 ft). Wave action is generally calm with little current, although occasionally the current can be strong and unpredictable. Below 30 meters (100 ft) are large areas of sheet or plate coral.

Beware of jetski’s overhead. Keep an eye out for green moray eels, lobsters, and mushroom shaped star coral formations, as well as a wide array of colorful reef fish. It is also home to stingrays and sea turtles.

You will discover this is a perfect spot to spend a day at the beach with divers, snorkelers and sun lovers.