Aquafari is one of the world's most unique experiences. Your adventure will begin in some of the underwater worlds most beautiful and diverse reefs. Glide effortlessly under the sea in your personal self-propelled, submersible scooter. Observe a variety of beautiful fishes and watch them as they swiftly disappear among the colorful coral reefs. Come and see why the underwater world in Curacao is one of the world’s most unique tourist attractions and why tourists return again and again. Create a lifetime memory by looking through the eyes of their submersible scooters. It's the perfect family activity! Their eco-friendly, self-propelled scooter is a safe attraction for the whole family; scuba or diving experience is not required. Sit in your own personal submersible scooter and take in the wonders of colorful coral reefs. For young and old; it’s fun and it’s safe.

Pirate Bay Beach
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