Beth Hayim (Beth Haim) Cemetery

The background and historical perspective regarding this 400-year-old burial ground is very fascinating. If you have a special interest in Curaçao/Sephardi history, this is definitely a place you will want to stop and visit.

The deceased were buried in family plots above ground on this island. When the time came, more family members could be added to the same plot. Unusual carvings were used on the gravestones.

Many of the gravestones have sadly deteriorated because of acid from the nearby oil refinery. Ironically, this island refines oil for nearby Venezuela, but has none of its own. The paths in the cemetery are rocky and uneven. It is therefore recommended comfortable shoes be worn.

Visit the oldest Jewish cemetery in the Western Hemisphere and see the variety of intricate carvings and unusual inscriptions.

Emancipatie Blvd 19
Maduro Plaza
(5999) 737-6843