Curacao Maritime Museum
Curacao Maritime Museum

The Curaçao Maritime Museum is located in an old colonial two-storied mansion build in 1729. After this building was completely burned down in 1988, it was spectacularly restored. The interior is designed in maritime style, complete with a gangway, portholes and ship railings. The Museum was inaugurated in December 1998.

The Curaçao Maritime Museum takes its visitors on a discovery tour back to more than 500 years of maritime history on Curaçao. The story-line is illustrated through a permanent exhibition consisting of displays with authentic nautical charts, ship models and navigation equipment combined with audiovisual attraction not to be missed. As well as the exhibition, the museum also offers a number of interesting tours.

N. van der Brandhofstraat 1
(5999) 465-2327
Chris Richards