The Curacao Ostrich and Game Farm

The Curaçao Ostrich and Game Farm offers guaranteed fun for the whole family! Follow the scenic landscape on the road to Groot St. Joris in Santa Catharina and you will come across the farm. Learn all about the ostriches, and the farm’s focus on sustainability and using every bit of everything while creating a total ecosystem with many different birds, pigs, iguanas, crocodiles, that all contribute to the farm in some way.

Treat yourself to their Zambezi Restaurant, while the children play in the playground.

The restaurant serves both lunch and dinner. And don’t forget to visit their souvenir shop where you can purchase local and original Ostrich Farm souvenirs.

The Curaçao Ostrich & Game Farm is led by a team of enthusiastic people who will go to great lengths to make your visit memorable. Their enthusiasm, effort and knowledge will make your experience unforgettable and something to cross off your bucket list.

Groot St. Joris West z/n
(5999) 747-2777