Sea Lion - Curacao Sea Aquarium Park
Curacao Sea Aquarium Park

For an impressive variety of marine life, dynamic and educational presentations visit the Sea Aquarium Park. At Dolphin Academy the dolphins will make your trip complete with a unique interactive experience. The park also offers the chance to snorkel or dive while feeding sharks and stingrays at the Animal Encounters. Or explore the ocean’s depth and amazing reefs to a maximum of 1,000 feet with the Curasub! Cruise with the Pelican, a motorized catamaran, for a glimpse of the colorful architecture in Willemstad or to enjoy a beautiful snorkel trip. Near the Park you’ll find the Dolphin Suites where unique accommodation is available to every guest, and is completely wheelchair accessible.

From the very beginning, the Sea Aquarium has managed to create natural habitats for all its marine creatures without using sophisticated technical equipment.

Thanks to an open-water system all the aquariums are in immediate contact with the open sea. This advanced pump system continuously pumps and allows for a fresh flow of seawater to stream directly into all the aquariums. The openings in the roof allow the natural sunlight to fall directly on the aquariums, so there is no need for artificial light sources.

The combination of the open-water system and the natural sunlight create a natural environment that is needed to replicate the underwater world outside the aquarium. Everything in the aquariums, from the fish and coral to the sand at the bottom of the exhibition tanks, originates from the seas surrounding the island of Curaçao. Nothing in the displays is artificial. Everything is 100% naturally produced by nature.

The same conditions apply to the lagoons in which the dolphins, sealions, sharks, rays and turtles are kept. The only thing that separates these lagoons from the open ocean are breakwaters constructed from big rock boulders with an occasional fence, allowing fresh seawater to freely flow through all the lagoons.

The Curaçao Sea Aquarium operates according to the principle that all animals need to be kept in circumstances that mimic their natural environment. This goal is accomplished by employing all the available natural sources and resources surrounding the aquarium.

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