Fort Church Museum

The Fortchurch is the home of the United Protestant Church of Curaçao in the Netherlands Antilles. Constructed in 1769 as part of Fort Amsterdam in what is now the UNESCO World Heritage City of Willemstad, Curaçao, the Fortchurch is a Historic Monument and Museum (The Protestant Cultural Historical Museum). Fortchurch is the oldest church on the island.

The rectangular building of the church was constructed on the former warehouse of the Dutch West-Indian Trading Company and measures around 20.5 by 13.5 meters. It is particularly high, with the tallest point of the tower reaching 16 meters above ground level.

The museum houses a small elegant collection of artifacts from the church’s Dutch Protestant congregation. Antique silver chalices, a mahogany and silver baptismal font and an antique mahogany 'bible table', formerly used in 'landhouses’ are some of the inspiring artifacts that can be viewed.

A documentation of the island's most notable families and an impressive collection of old maps of Curaçao are also exhibited. The solid mahogany Governor's bench and the solid mahogany pulpit date back to the year 1769.

On September 1, 2007 the newly renovated Fort Church Museum was reopened to the public and garnered very enthusiastic reviews for the way in which it preserves and displays artifacts and cultural treasures from the very rich history of the Protestant community on Curaçao.

Fort Amsterdam
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