On the Punda side of Willemstad is Handelskade, that picturesque stretch of pier you've seen on every Curaçao postcard. Storybook vistas of pastel-colored colonial merchant houses line Handelskade along Punda’s waterfront. Colonial Dutch buildings painted in brilliant pinks, blues, and yellows border the waters of St. Anna Bay.

Grab a seat and a drink at one of Handelskade's outdoor cafés and watch the Queen Emma Bridge swing open to let ships into the harbor or pop in to one of the shops along the water.

If you wake up early enough, you can get your hands on fresh fish and produce at the floating market at Handelskade's northern point where Venezuelan merchants sell their fresh produce from small fishing boats that double as living quarters. Or, you can walk across the bridge at night to see Handelskade's illuminated façades and reflections glinting on the bay.

Regardless of what time you visit, you're going to want to snap a picture.