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A typical Curacao diving spot which will begin on a sandy plateau which descends to a sloping reef. The best treat at the end of the dive will be the curious school of squid looking directly into your eyes.

Walk across the beach to the bay and swim to the plateau. Look out for the huge sand pit in the middle of the bay! Once across the plateau, keep your compass heading at 210 degrees and swim towards the reef. Look for the sign standing on the reef so you know where to turn into the bay again on 30n degrees. Depending on the current, you can either dive left or right. Both sides are extremely beautiful!

The reef is hilly and slopes down gently. You will find a variety of hard and soft corals, donkey dung sea cucumber, and long spined black sea urchins. Inside the bay there's the Strea - the wreck of a sailing boat. Ending your dive with the Strea or just snorkeling will end your adventure making you wanting to come back for more.