Jewish Historical Cultural Museum

In 1970 the Jewish Cultural Museum was established adjacent to the Mikvè Israel Emanuel synagogue. Different religious objects from the early days on the island are on display, including a set of circumcision chairs, a Passover table ready for the Seder, baby-naming and circumcision clothes, spice boxes, candlesticks, Torah covers, and remains from a 1728 mikvah, as well as the 18 Torahs from the synagogue.

The community had a special black tallit for the rabbi on Tisha Be’Av, and black shoes and a black yad for the person reading from Lamentations. Another unique custom from the Caribbean community is the practice of throwing the wine glass at a platter at the wedding ceremony, thereby leaving a permanent mark on the platter.

Curaçao’s Jewish Cultural Historical Museum is a delightful museum preserving the most precious religious and cultural artifacts on the island. Many pieces in the collection are still used today in the Congregation’s services and rituals display antiques—including a set of circumcision instruments—and artifacts from around the world making it a "living" museum.

Hanchi Snoa 29
(5999) 461-1633