Museum Kura Hulanda

Nestled above St. Annabaai in Willemstad you will discover Museum Kurá Hulanda an anthropological museum that focuses on the predominant cultures of Curaçao. It offers a world-class chronicle on the Origin of Man, the African slave trade, West African Empires, Pre-Colombian gold, Mesopotamian relics and Antillean art.

When you visit the museum, at the entrance of the museum someone will hand you a map and will guide you on your walk through the museum.

They will also offer general information about the museum and will inform you about all the many items that are on sale in the Museum Gift Shop.

For tours, call the museum for an appointment. You can also book a guide who will give you a tour of the museum and will speak to you in any of the following languages Papiamento, Dutch, English and Spanish.

Visitors who prefer to walk on their own and who want some extra information, an audio guide (available in Dutch, and English versions) can be rented for a small fee at the entrance of the museum.

Klipstraat 9
(5999) 434-7700