Octagon Museum

When South America’s most famous freedom fighter Simon Bolivar was exiled from his homeland in 1812, Curaçao offered him refuge. Now, the octagonal tower where his sisters were also given sanctuary has been beautifully restored as the Octagon Museum.

Facing the vast continent across the blue Caribbean the “Octagon” has withstood the test of time rather well. For a number of years the lack of funds prevented proper maintenance, but now the "Octagon" has been lovingly restored by the Curaçao Monument Foundation and the Avila Beach Hotel, on the grounds where the property stands. Due to its curious shape it is known in Curaçao as the "Daki Parasol" or the "umbrella roof". Today the "Octagon" serves as a small museum in memory of the Curaçao connection to Simón Bolívar and guided tours are available by appointment.

A fascinating historical experience awaits you at the The Octagon on the shores of the Avila Beach Hotel. Relive the past as you visit the museum of Simon Bolivar (famous South American Liberator) and the exposition dedicated to his life and accomplishments.

Penstraat 130
Avila Beach Hotel
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