Santa Pretu Dive Site

Known locally as “Santu Pretu” or Black Sand Beach, because of the dark gray, ancient volcanic sand marking the start of an amazing dive site. It does not affect visibility though. It's just not as bright as other dive sites experienced on Curacao.

The shipwreck of the “Catharine” lies upside down in about 20 feet of water, surrounded by colonies of garden eels and nicely encrusted brain corals. The coral formations here are very nice and there are lots of sponges. You may come across sea turtles and moray eels.

Following a line from her bow, a 3 minute swim across a sandy flat takes you to the shoulder of the reef, where you pick up the gentle southerly current that glides you across beautiful scenery, littered with life, ending at the beginning of the Mushroom Forest.

This is a very nice dive site with a nice little beach where you can kick back and soak up some rays.