Superior Producer Dive Site

This famous cargo freighter, which sank off Curacao’s coast in 1977, is the site of one of the island’s most popular dives. Roughly 30 meters below the surface this massive wreck looms like a living ghost, brimming with aquatic life.

The ship left the harbor and was outward bound with a shipment of clothing when it's cargo shifted in rough weather. It sank just west of the harbor entrance. Today, the ship is upright, with her wheelhouse resting at 24m (80 ft) and her hull resting in over 30m (100 ft).

At the water plant in Otrobanda, take the road which leads straight to the shore. Directly ahead you will find the Double Reef. Be very careful at the entrance, it is rocky and very slippery, so booties are a must. Swim out through rough wave action and currents for about five minutes.

The visibility is good, about 30m (100 ft). The wreck is covered with corals, orange cup sponges, plenty of deep water fish and is surrounded by watchful great barracudas and schooling tarpons.. The Superior Producer is one of the finest wrecks in the Caribbean.

If this is your first time, dive with a local dive operator, as the ship can be difficult to locate and those are not waters you want to be bobbing around in. Early morning is the best time to explore the Superior Producer; it's a deep dive, the sea has not yet had a chance to strengthen, and the visibility is at it's best. A strong current of at least 1 knot is usually running. The dive is deep, so monitor your time very carefully.

Look for groupers, barracudas, coral and anemones. Sport Diver Magazine rates the Superior Producer as one of the Caribbean's best wreck dives.

This dive site is considered advanced and is for experienced divers. The Superior Producer diving site is available for diving only during cruise ship 'off-season'.

In addition, the site is accessible both by shore (CTB approved dive guide is strongly recommended) and by boat.