The Tugboat Dive Site

Located on the protected southeast side of Caracasbay, the Tugboat site is accessible only by boat. Thirty years ago a small tugboat sank off the rocky coast in Caracasbaai. Overgrown with coral, the shipwreck lies at a depth of only 5 meters (17 ft) and has become a popular destination for divers and snorkelers.

This dive site is a diverse area with good snorkeling, great photo ops and lots of diving choices - wall, wreck, deep, covered with coral and well preserved.

A steep wall is located nearby (southeast), about a three minute swim away, which drops to about 30m (100 ft). The wall is lush with hard and soft corals along the top near the shallow ledge. Wave action is minimal, although at times there is a slight swell. There is usually no current at the Tugboat itself, but as you head around the corner along the wall you may encounter a current that may become quite strong. Monitor its direction carefully, it can change rapidly.

At the tugboat look for moray eels, trumpet fish, angelfish and tube coral. Along the wall, look for moray eels, scorpion fish and lobsters in the numerous crevices and shallow caverns.

This famous tugboat wrecked just a few yards offshore is in a protected bay. This site is perfect for divers, as well as snorkelers and is one of the locations that can be visited on a daily afternoon boat trip.

The tugboat is overgrown with tube sponges and coral, and is home to a variety of colorful reef fish. Majestic blue parrot fish and yellow tail snappers guard the dive site.