Landhuis Brievengat Entertainment Center

This landhouse dates back to about 1750 and was one of the largest and most prominent, with 500 hectares, where aloe was grown and cattle was bred. In 1877 it was devastated by a hurricane. The house had become so dilapidated that the owner at the time, wanted to demolish it. Fortunately the owner donated the house to a heritage foundation which restored it to its former grandeur.

The house has a large gallery out front and in the middle of the terrace is a widening staircase. On the corners of the terrace are two solid square towers, originally built as watch-towers and observation-towers, sometimes used to lock-up slaves for punitive measures. Locally they also became known as 'casa di palomba', or love-nests for extramarital affairs.

Today, Landhuis Brievengat is an impressive unique historical venue where things are happening, where famous international artists come to bring entertainment to Curacao.

Brievengat z/n
(5999) 690-0651