Floating Market

Floating Market

Begin your day at the picturesque floating market, where weathered wooden boats with peeling paint and tattered, rainbow-hued plastic tarps are moored end to end along the seawall.

Meet the fishermen and the produce vendors who live on their boats. They begin before dawns’ first light, unloading ripe papayas, sweet watermelons, yams and freshly caught fish off the visiting boats from Venezuela and Curaçao’s neighboring island.

Along the sidewalk of Sha Caprileskate, buckets overflow with tropical flowers, leafy greens and gnarly root vegetables. Breathe in the faint scents of nutmeg, cinnamon and Indonesian spices; the pungent smells of boiling peanuts and smoked fish drying in the sun.

Plantains swing from hooks near piles of colorful textiles. Vendors are often happy to let you sample an unfamiliar delicacy.

Buying is best at 6:30 a.m. but there is plenty of action throughout the afternoon.

Sha Caprileskate
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