St.Maarten/St.Martin Will Rebuild

On September 6, 2017, Hurricane Irma made landfall on St. Maarten/St. Martin after tearing a path through the Caribbean and damaging many other islands, including our good neighbor Anguilla.

It is with heavy hearts that we witness the ensuing destruction and damage to this dual-nation gem of the Caribbean, but we know the people are resilient and the Caribbean spirit is strong. They will rebuild, though it will take time.  

Nights Publications actually began operation on St. Maarten in 1983. It was our flagship magazine that spawned our current sister publications on Aruba and Curacao, and this 2018 issue would have been our 35th anniversary edition. Over the years we have watched the island grow, bounce back after Hurricane Luis in 1995, and keep growing with robust resolve to offer locals a comforting island home and visitors a glorious escape surrounded by soft white sands and sparkling turquoise seas. We also watched it proudly grow into becoming the culinary capital of the Caribbean and one of the most popular cruise destinations. We have marveled at its continual efforts to develop alluring and exciting attractions which make the visitor experience unforgettable on both sides of the invisible border. We've made many dear friends there, and our clients feel like family. Nights Publications is deeply dug into this island, and we are simply taking a pause to give the people the time and space they need to rebound and to help in whatever ways we can.

So don’t let St. Maarten/St. Martin slip off your radar for idyllic vacations in the near future, it will be back, and we are confident it will be even better than ever. That’s just the way the people of the Caribbean are built.

To find out where you can help and receive updated information on the progress, visit #SXMStrong

The Nights Publications Team