Amuseum Naturalis

The museum is the brainchild of Les Fruits de Mer, a nonprofit organization dedicated to natural history education, and co-founded by author, Mark Yokohama. Touted as a "Biological Exhibition and Institute of Natural Philosophy" the new museum contains all kinds of interactive exhibits, informative programs, and exciting displays about Sint Maarten/St. Martin's nature and wildlife.

New exhibits are added to keep things fresh and something new is added to their special exhibit room every month. Enjoy fascinating facts about the island's indigenous animals. Learn how the island bats help the ecosystem and how the pesky insects help keep the environment pristine. There are also interesting displays about people and history... and lots more. But before visiting the museum, you may want to do your homework to enhance your understanding about what you will be seeing. This kind of homework is fun because Mark Yokohama has produced creative ebooks called "Caribbean Curiosities" covering in depth, many of the topics shown in the museum. It's the latest in their wonderful series of eight free downloadable ebooks. For more info visit

There's also a theater on-site presenting locally produced short documentaries about wildlife and environmental challenges.

The Amuseum Naturalis is free of charge and open Tuesday and Thursday from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Private visits by groups are also available by appointment. Visit

Les Fruits de Mer is a nonprofit association whose core mission is to raise awareness about nature, culture, and sport through publications, an education program, and special public outreach events that entertain, inspire and inform. To learn more, visit

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