Butterfly Farm

The first Butterfly Farm in Saint Martin opened its doors to the public in 1994. It is also called La Ferme Des Papillons because of its location on the French-side of the tiny dual nation Caribbean Island of St Martin/St Maarten.

Imagine walking through a lush tropical rain forest amidst flowers and trees, ponds and trickling waterfalls with butterflies flying overhead and all around you in their own natural habitat. This is a dream come true at The Butterfly Farm on St. Martin.

Within large meshed enclosures you can see hundreds of exotic butterflies flying freely, a beautiful display of the most spectacular species from all over the world.

An essential part of the visit to all the farms is the famous "guided tour". Visitors are shown the evolutionary cycle from microscopic eggs, to strange and exotic caterpillars, pupae resembling exquisite designer jewelry.

You can also witness all stages of their life cycle from tiny egg to curious caterpillar and jewel like pupa. Early in the morning is the best opportunity to see a butterfly emerging from its pupa and watch newborn butterflies take their first flight!

If you want to handle the butterflies and caterpillars their guides will be happy to show you how to do so without damaging these fragile creatures. Wear bright colors and citrus cologne if you want the butterflies to land on you!

Le Galion Beach Road
Quartier d'Orleans
(590) 590 87.31.21