300 Year Old Mango Tree - Loterie Farm
Loterie Farm

Loterie Farm is probably the only example on St. Martin of a private nature reserve. At Loterie Farm, they have made it their business to protect all 54 hectares of this beautiful countryside set deep in the interior of the island.

Located at the foot of Pic Paradis, the highest point on Saint Martin at 424m, is Loterie Farm. A former sugar plantation that was constructed in 1773 and ceased activity in 1855. Its last owner was Georges Dormoy, first mayor of Saint Martin from 1838-1866.

Today, the smells, noises and coolness of Loterie Farm provides a striking contrast with the rest of the island. The Farm is a real tropical gem, where plant and animal species are numerous and carefully protected.

For some years now, this unique venue has offered a zip-lining forest adventure course for the young and old alike. The Hidden Forest Café and Tree Lounge will cater to your refreshment and snack needs. The Tree Lounge offers a selection of tapas and fast food dishes from noon onwards. Or why not sip a cocktail as you take in the exceptional views over Pic Paradis?

In April of 2011, Loterie Farm opened "L’eau lounge cabana club & piscine de source". L’eau lounge’s, free form multi-level swimming areas are connected by cascades and surrounded by lush tropical vegetation with eleven chic and stylishly designed cabanas that can be rented on a daily basis. Each cabana can accommodate up to 10 guests.

103, Route Pic Paradis
(590) 590 87.86.16
Harold Raxlen