Seaworld Explorer

Your adventure begins in Grand Case, a quaint, unspoiled fishing village on the French side, famous for it’s idyllic bay and delicious restaurants. Here their friendly crew will welcome you aboard the Seaworld Explorer a state of the art semi submarine developed for use on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Enjoy the scenic cruise through the harbor to the unique geological formations of Creole Rock.

The vessel will not submerge. However, you will descend into the hull of the vessel and sit in air-conditioned comfort five feet below the surface, observing underwater gardens, coral reefs and colorful fish through large, clear glass windows.

As you marvel at this paradise beneath the waves, their diver will swim by your window surrounded by schools of fish (keep an eye peeled for the fascinating green and moray eels!).

Throughout the trip, the knowledgeable marine experts will provide you with an informative and entertaining commentary.

Grand Case
(721) 542-4078