Oro Diamante

Fine attention to detail, first-rate service, and exceptional value are qualities that have set Oro Diamanté apart for over 25 years. As loose diamond specialists they have perhaps the largest inventory of GIA certified loose diamonds on St. Maarten, as well as one of the largest selections of GIA certified natural fancy colored diamonds such as canary yellow and natural pink.

Oro Diamanté is proud to have been selected one of the few diamond dealers in the world privileged to offer the ultra beautiful BRILLIANT FIRE diamond. Years of research by master diamond cutters resulted in the creation of the 97 faceted Brilliant Fire diamond, which radiates like no other diamond in the world. They are also one of the select few retailers to carry the Canadian mined and cut IDEAL2, the most brilliant square cut diamond in the world.

Oro Diamanté also carries the wonderful, unique, and colorful creations of world-renowned designer Hidalgo and the fantastic collection of stackable rings and stunning bridal ring designs of Gabriel & Co.

Looking for an unusual or hard-to-find gem? Look no further; Oro Diamanté boasts one of the largest selections of rare gemstones such as Paraiba tourmaline, Alexandrite, Zultanite, and Morganite to name a few. Oro Diamanté also carries the fun and well-priced jewelry collections of Thomas Sabo, Phillip Gavriel and Belle Etoile. Visit Oro Diamanté and see why they have maintained the most intensely loyal clientele for over 25 years.

All purchases backed by certified appraisals and a full one-year unconditional warranty.

Front Street 62-B
(721) 543-0342